Every bottle, every cap helps clean our oceans!

We love having an active lifestyle but we love to spend time in our oceans, swimming, enjoying the water, surfing, running on the beach or just contemplating the endless movements. Therefore our personal wellness routines must contribute to environmental wellness. Our Impact: help preserve our oceans and contribute to clean up the plastic crisis!  

We focused and invest on developing the right packaging and become the World's First Gummies in using 100% ocean plastic packaging in our bottles and caps!

YES! our bottle and lids are made with plastic that is been reclaimed from the ocean! We are helping clean the ocean and then our bottle/cap can then be recycled. 

For every bottle you enjoy you are helping clean the oceans and then our HDPE bottles are recyclable! Every day is ocean clean up day! We are small but contributing to make a big impact! Once we become bigger we will spend days in the ocean picking up plastics and fishing nets left behind to continue to help preserve our oceans! 

We did not stop there!! Our Labels are made from an eco-friendly 100% post-consumer fiber - Simple is a paper made from 100% recycled materials. No deforestation and helping drive more use or recycled material!