Are bottles and caps made from recycled content?

Our bottles and caps are made with 100% Ocean reclaimed plastic. This means that we are collecting plastic form the ocean, recycling it and molding into our bottles and caps. Every bottle, every cap helps clean the oceans

Is Sage a Family owned business?

Yes. We are family owned business. No investors, no corporate BS. 

Are Sage ingredients safe?

We formulate our products with FDA approved ingredients, we stay away of not tested not approved ingredients! 

Are gummies Sugar Free?

We strive to develop all gummies sugar free, sometimes we have not alternative and we keep it sugar levels very low (<2grs). Sugar is ok to consume at the right levels, as athletes and active lifestyles we need sugar to bring energy to our bodies. 

Are gummies gelatin free? 

Yes.Yes.Yes. We are avoiding unnecessary ingredients! 

How many gummies should I take? 

See back of panels of products for serving size recommendations. Gummies were developed to self dose base on intensity and amount of activity levels during the week. Enjoy the Gummies and be health. 

Is Sage safe for kids? 

Sage products were developed to be able to share with the family members. Consult your pediatrician prior to consumption and avoid large doses. 

What payment method we use? 

We currently accept all of the main credit cards and depend on our Shopify platform upgrades to allow for new methods. 

Can I modify my subscriptions?

Anytime! You can modify your subscription in your Customer Portal.

Can I cancel order or subscription?

You can edit, delay, or cancel your subscription at any time, but if you want this change to take effect before your next shipment leaves,

Do you offer wholesaler or retail programs?

Yes we offer the right price for wholesalers / distributors or gym owners. Contact us via instagram or send email to info@get-sage.com attn: Wholesale/Fitness Partnership