About us

We believe in a better world for ourselves by making ourselves better for the world through sport and environmental care.

A better world starts with your better self.

Sage is born from the desire to create the right  (or an effective) snack to support everyone’s  active lifestyles.
We created Sage to help youth and adults sustain their stamina levels and recovery faster during or after their physical activity - No matter your fitness routine or intensity of activity a delicious gummy to help you keep going!

We just bring ingredients that work well in our bodies, impact our recovery and energy levels, vegan or not a choice for everyone. In today's world of doing our fitness routines at home / at the gym with or without masks we all need the proper ongoing support to sustain an active lifestyle or those of our youth kids doing their own sports. For Every time we all use Sage to fuel our bodies to enjoy our passions we are helping clean the oceans. #get-sage 


We chose an alquimista iconography of water and salt coming together.
Our kids and the generations to come need clean oceans.